Hola senor and senoritas! So today has been lame. Haven’t really done much. Just went shopping with my mom and got some groceries for our road trip! whoop whoop. ha. But last night was a typical night at my house. Ya know, mom doesn’t ever really know what’s going on, austins’ been obsessed with his iPod touch ever since he first laid eyes on it, and dad……that’s just it’s own story in itself! There was yelling, screaming, slamming, and the occasional cuss word. Yay me! My night consisted of locking myself in bathroom and dying my hair, once again, to vent all the anger and hatred inside of me (Go to about me to see my new hair color). Needless to say, today is a much better day. Dad’s been at work so the house is finally peaceful! ding. ding. haha. Tonight I get to have a cozy little meal at the stridde’s. yummm! stridde food is always the best! and i love seeing friends! she’s cooking stew, which I’m not really a fan of, but we’ll see how it goes! New social life down in the bottom right of my blog! If your reading this far into my blog will you please take just a few minutes to do some of the activities once you click on the link to help the INVISIBLE CHILDREN! Greatly appreciate it and your making a huge influence on so many kids by just doing a few couple activities. Oh and current obsession=toms. period. so take a look at this vid and tell me what you think! i currently only have one pair but hope to get more soon.




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