I have come to the conclusion that life=living in the moment! Yeah it’s always nice to plan before hand….or to be prepared and always on time. But that’s just not my forte. I have learned these past few days that i’m not making the best of every moment and letting little things bug me when it’s really not a big deal. Like pet peeves, or however you spell it, are a different story. haha. But honestly why get mad over something that’s not even gonna matter when we’re dead? Or hold grudges on people when it’s seriously pointless! I say lets all forgive and forget! Yeah? yeah! sounds like a deal to meh! Jesus, Laughter, and being spontaneous is what i’ve been living for the past few days and it’s been incredible! INCREDIBLE I TELL YOU! I don’t know why i didn’t have this epiphany sooner! It’s the best new thing since potato chips! haha. So…there’s this boy. Who i happened to meet through my best friend & quest! If you don’t know what Quest is lemme explain! It’s not some weird online world of warcraft kinda thing…cause that’s just weird! ha. Sorry to all you readers who enjoy that kinda stuff. It’s just not my kinda thing. Anyways, it’s a young life event that’s held once a week for college students. Ya know, to try to keep God first priority in our lives since our schedules are so hectic! It’s your typical socialize, worship, game, and sermon! fabulous. I’m getting side-tracked here…so i met this boy! haha. i think i’m actually starting to like him! :) which is not how i roll. ha. I’m much more of the independent type who has never had a boyfriend. “Talked” to a bunch of boys, yes! but never dated them. So for me to like someone enough to even think…what if we dated? is CRAZYY! ahh, idk. Maybe i’m just thinking way too much into this when he doesn’t even give it a second thought. So yeah…i’ll get back to you on how it goes from here!

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