My hope.

My hope. Is to be Christ-like. To be perfect in His eyes, and do no wrong. To live according to His word and follow in His footsteps. The wide, deep, and filling footsteps. the kind that overwhelm your tiny little feet once you step into them. It kinda feels like home. A safe place. A place of comfort. Somewhere where you know you belong. I want to be part of a bigger picture. One that reaches out a hand to others and helps them up when they’re in need. I want to speak up. Not hold back what God has given me to use for His purposes. I want to live a pure life. One thats filled with joy. peace. and happiness. I want to laugh abundantly and be filled with His presence. I want to live by the fruits of the spirit. Lord, use me! Teach me! Be my hands and feet. Guide me! Help me to have patience. And help me to dive deeper into your word each and every day. This is my hope.

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