Pretty skies.

So just another day in good ole knoxville, tennessee. The skies are bright. The clouds are scarce and the wind is blowing at just the right temperature!  The best part of all of this is my new found joy that has taken over me! I laugh more than ever, smile  big enough to where maybe it’ll spread like wildfire. I tend to life fuller and to its fullest! I love being spontaneous and living in the moment. If only my life were a movie and I could record all the little things that have made me smile or even the BIG things. Like hanging and laughing with my friends, or even the still times when I’m alone and reflecting on life. How is it that time succeeds to fly right pass me and go un-noticed? I hope to become more whimsical and take full advantage of every situation I can. There’s a girls’ blog that I follow and its radically starting to change me…for the better of course! Check it out HERE and maybe you’ll fall into this AMAZING JOY too.

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