to love.

Now I’m not one to complain, but it sucks not having someone there. To be with, to run to, to hold, to love. I wonder what it takes to attain someone like this. Do you need to be pretty? smart? funny? witty? Maybe someone who is known by everyone…or maybe someone known by no one. All I know is that day by day I pray…for God to open a door for that one special person. Someone who wants to be with me, who thinks I’m pretty, and smart, and fun to be around. I wish I had that comfort that most girls do. That acceptance that makes you feel like nothing can touch you. As long as your in his arms, your safe. I want that person who you can call when you get excited! Or when when you want to share good news. Someone to hold your hand and put their arm around you. Its sounds stupid, but I dont think I’ve ever had someone like that. Yeah there have been boys here and there…no one to stick around though. Only hurt. No one who cared enough to stay. And I know God has the perfect person somewhere out there…but it’s still rough to go day after day seeing everyone with someone and still being alone. BUT I guess that just means God has bigger and better plans for me! Plans that’ll take me far and include some amazing guy when He thinks I’m ready. I hope…

One thought on “to love.

  1. so random. I just decided to click on your blog, thinking, “hm, i wonder if she’s written anything new”…I’m bored, ha… and what do you know…you have a somewhat new post about JUST what I needed to hear. this is why we’re besties. :) you’re not the only one feeling this way girl. because pretty much 98% of what you wrote applies to me too. and YES, God DOES have THE PERFECT boy picked out for both of us :) it’s just in HIS timing, and when that time comes, we will be so blessed and thankful. He has a plan, and knows exactly when to give us that “person” who will love us and be exactly what we want.

    I love you katey kate kate, and ust wanted to drop by this lil comment letting you know you’re not the only one, hehe!

    <3 your bestie ;)

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