Heart it races.

Sitting here. Stuffy nose. Cute scarf. Down comforter. All snuggled in, just thinking of what tomorrow beholds for me. Pondering on my bible study. God has such HUGE plans for us! Like honestly…has planned out our day,our year, our husband, our friends. Then we have to take our faith and in a sense cash it out in him! Say that we are giving him control. COMPLETE CONTROL. Nearly impossible! for real. To not be able to make your own decisions, or at least say that we decided that on our own is giving up a lot. But thats all He’s asked of us…is to let him guide our path and to follow Him. And funny is thing is, He knows what He’s doing and has our best interest in mind! Why wouldn’t we. I was listening to the radio and the guy said all his life he’s been reading the bible to finish, and now he’s reading the bible to change! WOW. I am reading the bible to put it under my belt and say oh I’ve read that or use it for myself to help comfort ME! Not reading it to go out and teach others how amazing Christ is and what He’s done for them. So…new vision for the new year is to try and lead one person to Christ. Sounds measly and pointless. But it’s a start. And I gotta start somewhere right? Ha. Wanna go ahead and just say that I think I’m officially ready for a boy in my life! Haha. No pressure Jesus. But my biological clock is ticking and I have yet to have a boyfriend. Fail. Soo with valentines day being right around the corner it’d be perfect timing! Once again…just saying. Ha. And now I would like to give a shout out to THE HUCKS! Hoot Hoot. Andrew.Emily.Turner.Elle Kate.Schuyler. GETT IT! They make my life so much more joyous! Their fun, laughter, and smiling faces greet me every morning and start my day off just right! lovee it & love them! It will be a sad sad day to leave. So lets not talk about it. But just want to say that they are the BEST! Kay well gotta get up in the morning to babysit. bright and early. Four in the AM could not come any faster. So adios peeps. SAHWEET DREAMS!

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