Ahh, school is finally paused! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! I’m so excited to just sit around and do absolutely NOTHING! Honestly,,,it might be the best feeling ever! I just love it. I asked for my job to give me as many hours possible that way I’ll be able to just rake in the dough, and on top of that I want to do something different each day of spring break that way I can say it was as enjoyable as I wanted it to be. ha. First day…went to waffle house after work with my little brother. So much fun! I haven’t seen/talked to him in forever! It was nice to catch up and know whats going on in his life! Second day…created a twitter! Haha. Yes, I know. Following right in line right everyone else,,,but WHY NOT! I haven’t lived a day where I’ve had a twitter and now I have! Change of scenery is nice, no facebook for once. The only thing is I have no clue what to say! Ha. I don’t like just posting random things that takes me 15 minutes to think of. Soo, this might not work out! And be deleted as fast as I made it. We’ll see! Third day had waffle night and got krispy kreme doughnuts for the first time from weigels! Haha. Getting crazy right! Geez my life is so adventurous. Fourth day and it is BEA-UTIFUL outside! I’m so excited to just go run some errands and get things done today! whoop whoop. Killin it. I might go to the park and paint, maybe be lame and get some homework done, that way I’m ahead of the game, or go to lunch with my dad! Which now that I think about,,,I have never done! Weird. Nonetheless, today will be GREAT! Cannot wait. I hope to be patient today, and filled with JOY! Love waking up at 7AM when its my first morning to sleep in….and these kids are MAKING MY DAY! :)

my joy!

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