Life is being too crazy right now!
First I’d like to let you know that I have moved back home…yupp, thats right….back home! haha. with the madre y padre. yayy me! to be honest it actually hasn’t been that bad. I’ve kinda LOVED it. to be back with the good ole fam. Just chillin, grilling out, hangin ten. Plus the advantage of getting to spend 75% more time with my little bro! :) he’s so great! best friends right there. So I’d have to say that altogether it was the right move on my part. Hopefully it will continue to be this good and me and my dads relationship will only continue to get better. cross your fingers and say a little prayer! haha. but on another note these great chick flicks have GOT.TO.STOP! haha. they’re killin me and my ego. sad. I have no boy in my life and these romantic comedies keep shoving that fact in my face! ugh. tragic. but sweet little nemo is sayin “just keep swimming” cause he knows that they’re are all these great fish out in that deep huge sea just waiting for God’s perfect timing. so I’m hangin in there for now. I’ll keep you posted. umm other than that I leave for the beach in ONE DAYYYYY. Ahh, so freakin excited, like really…you have no idea! First real vacation in pretty much my entire life and I CANT WAIT! I’ll for sure be blogging it up while I’m there so get ready for some great reads!
see ya on the flip side suckaaa.

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