Holy cow! I cant believe its already here! Gosh, time flew like crazy! Ahh I’m SO dang excited! Woke up an hour or two too early and got the car all packed in…now laying with my two babes before its time to sadly get ready for work. Sucks. Who’s open on christmas eve? Yep you guessed it, wok hay! its crap.

Who wants to work christmas eve? Not me! Ergg. Oh well. Its only till two thirty and then the fun begins! We head over to my parents house for  presents and dinner. Then to his dads house for presents and mingling. Then to his moms for wine and to sleep! Whoo hoo! Concluding an AMAZING christmas eve! then to wake up christmas morning and do presents with his mom, sister, and brother. And back to my house to head outta town! To Louisiana we gooooo! Holla. 10 hour road trip. Me mom austin ryan and lana rae! gosh this’ll be fun! haha. but really, im so excited! a week with all the people i love in a place where theres no work and all love. INCREDIBLE! Definitely gonna be by far one of the best christmases ever! Im obsessed with family time and I get to spend this christmas with so much family! I could care less about all the presents being swapped, its juts nice to be surrounded by love, fellowship, and laughter! Im so happy to get to be a part of ryans life and to share all the great moments we have with his family! I honestly cant imagine him ever not being here! He’s been such a HUGE part of my life and only makes me happier. Its been the best 3 months of my life. So many great memories, moments, laughs! Just too great to put into words! He makes me smile even bigger every day. Im blessed with so many people who love and care about us! I couldnt be happier! :) I cant wait to see everyones faces when they open there presents and see the little gifts I got them! Stinks that I wasnt able to go all out this year. But maybe next year! WIth the new apartment and dog, lifes been on a budget! ha.

Speaking of a dog…


Heres my little girl getting SO big!

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