well, for some reason I feel empty. alone. like no ones around. but,, only sometimes. Like maybe Im just not good enough…or that could just be the devil in my head. Idk. but, it feels so real, like it is my fault. hmm. i dont like this…at all. maybe it’s because I haven’t been going to church. Or having quiet times, or any Jesus time for that matter. I want to be loved. Deeper than any kind of physical love. I want to be wrapped up in emotional love. The kind of love that envelops and surrounds my everything. Makes my heart stop and takes my breath away, at this point I feel like Christ is the only one I should be focussing on. HIS LOVE. HIS MERCY. HIS GRACE. all i need is HIM right now.I want HIM to surround me with people who are going to shine His light in my life and bring Joy each and everyday. I want fellowship. I want community. I long for Godly relationships. I want encouragement. I want support. I want to be pushed towards Jesus. I desire and NEED all this in order to go out and share Christ with everyone!! I try and am still trying my best to be Jesus to everyone. Please keep me in your prayers, and ask Christ to open and close all doors that could help or hinder me


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