Seven days.
The amount of space i have between now and when my man boards the plane headed off to Barcelona, Spain!
I can’t believe it’s actually here. To be honest these days were never actually happening in my head. I figured something would go wrong or the t’s wouldn’t be crossed. But here we are. Seven days. All the t’s are definitely crossed and he’s been so blessed to have nothing go wrong with this trip! What an incredible semester he is going to have!! I’m so proud and excited for him to get to enjoy and embrace everything about Spain. It’s a once in a life time chance to get to study and live in another country and I’m so happy he was able to make it all happen!
At this point I’m over being sad. This is obviously part of a bigger plan and if God wants us to work then this will barely be a speed bump! I pray for us. I want to trust and stay strong. I want to let him enjoy every moment and not be crazy! I want to let him do his thing and hope to be a part of it. He will most definitely be missed!!

I just don’t wanna be forgotten…

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