Took a nice brisk walk early this morning. It’s cold, but the kind of damp cold that gives you a glimpse of warmer temperatures coming later in the day! And. I.Cannot. Wait. Spring & Summer feel like they’re in arms reach…here, but not quite here. Yesterday was so nice, mid fiftys and I felt like I could walk around in a tshirt and shorts (okay not really, but practically) haha. Just so ready for warmer weather!

Welp. Still just serving away. haha. Trying to get all my ducks in a row for school in the fall! Which is exciting, but stressful all at the same time. I want to be finished, degree in hand and grinning from cheek to cheek! So close, yet so far away! Also super nervous about working  and going to school both full time. Starting to have my doubts that it’s even possible. What if I’m not meant to be a teacher? And this financial wall is a sign that it’s just not meant to be. Ughh. Struggling, alone.

Time to admit…my dog is overweight. :( umm. sucks. and nothing I’m doing is working. She’s a weimaraner, but looks like a lab. Dumb. I’ve read and researched every blog and website and nothing has really helped. I serve her the right amount of food only two times a day. I pay an arm and a leg for the best of the best dog food (healthy weight edition) And we walk at least 4 to 5 times a day. Equation for a tiny dog….NOPE. Aggravating. So I guess the next step is going to the (dreaded) vet. Skinny little LANA…here we come! IMG_2957

The main man who holds my heart! Gosh as I go day to day I start to truly realize what it means to give it all to God!

To FULLY abandon myself to HIS will!

My journey with Christ has taken me so many places. Experiencing joys & obstacles along the way, I continue to strive toward Jesus. His guidance. His will. His plan for my life. HIS PLAN, not mine. haha. I definitely have to say I’m a stubborn hard headed person, who usually strives to be right. I have a million things going on all at the same time and typically end up worrying about every single one of them! Attempting to take them into my control and failing, miserably. This is where Jesus ALWAYS steps in. Saving me from my own downfalls and lifting me up to see the big picture. Picking me back up time after time…with grace and mercy, and encouragement! So thankful for his unconditional love in my life!

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