To Give & To Receive.

SO…they say that it is better to give than to receive.

My first reaction to this is OF COURSE IT IS!!
Giving is easy. Giving is simple!
Who doesn’t get pleasure and satisfaction from gift of GIVING!

Naturally, I was born a giver.
To me my purpose in life: making others happy!
Whether that be by giving gifts, caring, loving, being a listener, or just simply being there…I know I was put on this Earth to GIVE!

Fast forward to now….
The season is filled with JOY!
Filled with the laughs, the smells, the memories of Christmas!
My days are consumed with what I am buying for who and how they will react!
When giving is of the essence I think I’ve hit full capacity!
I simply cannot think of anymore that I could give.

That my friends, was when I realized that I have not actually been giving at all.
Dun. Dunn. DUNNN!
Cue the typical “True Meaning of Christmas” sermon here….

It was there, right in front of my FACE!

Here, in the midst of Christmas and all that it brings.
I am laying in floor thinking of how I have completely dropped the ball.
My thoughts racing…being consumed by how I will receive happiness from giving.
How I will receive joy from others opening their gifts.
When in fact, I have not given what I hold most important to me.

It seems minuscule, to think about the intangible gifts.
The gifts that aren’t measurable by the amount of money spent,
or wrapped in shiny paper topped with a bow under the tree.
A gift doesn’t count unless it can be opened and reacted to, right?

Giving is not always easy.
Giving is not always simple.
To the people who surround me and love me the most, I withhold the ultimate gift.
Setting all materialistic things aside, I realized that I simply have not given the gift of trust
The gift that means the most for me to GIVE
The gift that means the most for them to RECEIVE

After much thought and deliberation….
This season I am giving the gift of TRUST!

These moments are intangible.
These moments are the ones that are truly priceless!

My purpose: to be vessel of light to others!
To give gifts that go much farther than what the eye can see.
To give gifts that build upon the foundation that we have laid out.
<inside info>
that light isn’t fueled by me

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