Plastic Bag.

Sometimes life is like a plastic bag thrown into the wind!

No will.
No way.
No choices.
No direction.
No path to be guided by.

At the slightest whim, It picks you up and lifts you high.
Just as fast as it takes an abrupt slam downwards.
Only to take you on a rollercoaster of waves, passing everything by.
Eyes closed.
Not even realizing what is going on around you.
Becoming numb to the bobbing and weaving of the world.
All until…
You hit a fence.
There your stuck.
There is when you open your eyes and realize that there’s no where else to go.
For a moment the wind stops.
And you drop,
humbly down to your knees.
That’s it, you’re FREE!
The world has no hold on you!!
Eyes open and fully aware of every toss, turn, high and low!
YOU are in control!!
Choices are now made by YOU!
How you want to react!
How you want to respond!

The choice is yours…
Live your life the way YOU want to,
not the way the world has taught you to.

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