I want to STAND OUT!
I want to be different!
I want people to notice me in this world!
Not just for being someone who doesn’t follow the trend.
For being a Christian who is in love with Jesus and everyone can tell!
I want that light to radiate off of me!
I want people to say why is she so happy?
I want people to want what I have!
Not as in material things of this world.
For the LOVE and JOY Jesus brings us because we are living for him!
I want to make a change!
I want to make a difference!
I want to impact people by the way I live!
From this point forward I am going to rethink the way I walk…
I’m not gonna sit around and wait for something to happen.
I’m going to start “walking out” what Jesus has planned for me!
I’m going to change the way I live!
It’s not gonna be easy…and I’m not perfect!
I’m gonna make mistakes. I’m gonna fall.
But God’s gonna pull be back up stronger than I was before!
This is it!
Here we go world!
Please pray for me and tell me if you have any thoughts!