Life for the moment.

My life is like a box of chocolates! You never know whatcha gonna get! Haha. Which is crazy funn 24/7! I absolutely love being spontaneous and living in the moment! Now it’s your turn! First off don’t ask questions…JUST DO IT! ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES! Gotta document this craziness! Purchase Wreck This Journal from Urban Outfitters. Next, jump up and down 5 times, 3 jumping jacks, and 1 huge twirl! haha. Don’t you feel so revived! Now all you need to do is skip into the next place you’re going and then think what would you usually do…..and do the opposite! Don’t take the usual way to school or work, change it up. Don’t walk the same way to class maybe you’ll meet new people as you cross different paths. Eat something out of the ordinary! Send out a text to a contact in your phone who hasn’t been in your recent call list! Tell em’ you LOVE them, if there aren’t any people you can find like that, then you need to get rid of half your contacts! ha. Make a list of all the thing you would do if you were given 1 more week to live…and GO DO THEM! NOW! What’s life if you’re not living it to it’s fullest! You only live once and could just as easily get in a car accident tomorrow! Dance, laugh, sing, scream lyrics to your favorite songs, most importantly LIVE, cause LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO LIVE THE SAME DAY TWICE! Lemme know your feedback and comment if you do any of these things! Or decide to live more spontaneously!

Pretty skies.

So just another day in good ole knoxville, tennessee. The skies are bright. The clouds are scarce and the wind is blowing at just the right temperature! ┬áThe best part of all of this is my new found joy that has taken over me! I laugh more than ever, smile ┬ábig enough to where maybe it’ll spread like wildfire. I tend to life fuller and to its fullest! I love being spontaneous and living in the moment. If only my life were a movie and I could record all the little things that have made me smile or even the BIG things. Like hanging and laughing with my friends, or even the still times when I’m alone and reflecting on life. How is it that time succeeds to fly right pass me and go un-noticed? I hope to become more whimsical and take full advantage of every situation I can. There’s a girls’ blog that I follow and its radically starting to change me…for the better of course! Check it out HERE and maybe you’ll fall into this AMAZING JOY too.